Selection criteria and jury

Gastronomy is one of the main identifying elements of Basque culture and the Basque Ambassadors recognitions come to expose the men and women who have served as gastronomic ambassadors of Euskadi around the world. Thus, the following criteria stand out among the selection principles of the jury, made up of experts in the gastronomy area, tourism consultants and event managers:

The commitment to the promotion and dissemination of Basque cuisine; the culinary excellence and gastronomic skills demonstrated in the creation and preparation of their dishes; innovation in the reinterpretation of traditional Basque recipes to adapt them to global contexts, maintaining an ethical and sustainable commitment in its culinary practice, in line with the values of traditional Basque cuisine, such as promoting the use of local products.

The significant contribution to strengthening the international reputation of Basque gastronomy has also been taken into account; active participation in international gastronomic events and cultural events; collaboration with institutions that seek to promote Basque culture abroad; and recognition by the international gastronomic community or through awards received for their work in disseminating Basque gastronomy.